General Scholarship

High school graduates who are full- time, degree-seeking students attending an accredited higher education institution in the state of Minnesota during the entire current academic school year may benefit from this scholarship program.

To be eligible for a general scholarship, an applicant must demonstrate financial need by determining eligibility based on the grid below. Please note that all applicants are eligible for an interest-free loan. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria below, you are free to select "Interest-free Loan" as award type on the application.

MYLA will be using our partner organization, ACC's, scholarship system. MYLA will still be responsible for identifying and selecting recipients for MN. Although "General Scholarship" does not appear as an option on the application form, please select "Standard Loan" and if you meet the eligibility criteria below, you will automatically be eligible for a scholarship.

Household size Adjusted gross income not to exceed
1-3 people $80,000.00
4 $90,000.00
5 $100,000.00
6 $110,000.00
7 $120,000.00
For each additional family member Add $5,00.00

Applying for a general scholarship but based outside MN? Please fill out our Exception Request Form in order for MYLA's board to discuss your eligibility.

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Interest-free Loans

In partnership with A Continuous Charity (ACC), MYLA offers Interest- free Loans to students who are starting their higher education, or to students who started their higher education but need more financial support to complete their degree, or to graduates who have finished their higher education but have unpaid interest-based loans.

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Islamic Education Scholarship

High school graduates who are seeking an Islamic Education degree as a full-time student from an accredited Islamic Education institution may benefit from this scholarship program.

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